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Back Where She Grew
Little Martha Had a Kingdom
Of Feathered Friends That Flew and Some A-ground
Of a Morning She Rose And Called
A Blur of Warm Hues About Her
A Plummage of Reds and Browns
Screaming And Perking At The Foreground
While The Lazy BluesRecede Into The Background
A Strong Arguement For Colour Perspective
Ok. Back To Where Martha Grew
I Said Martha Had a Kingdom
Of Subjects That Clucked And Some That Mourned
She Fed All At The Same Time-Irregardless Of Colour or Creed
So Martha Was Loved by All of Them

She (kind of) twisted her shoulders and Giggled
"I'm not interested Sir My Heart's already Kindled"
Back in them days when she was greatly pregnant
I Laid Still in it and bore her shame
Convulsions threatening a new birth
The First Covenant of Mother and Bid headed foetus
Mother "You're going out"
Foetus "I'm coming out"
This place is now unbearable
This Beauty natural and wholesome, came not with a price
Spun from a web of suffering loom, Barrel on temple spelling doom
Dispair and gainsaying gloom
Hindered not my imminent rise
beaten to the dust, a jewel once desired and admired
Dimmed and reduced to a flicker through endless rhetoric
Crushed and mained, tis made a waste howling wilderness
I perserverd and kept myself untainted
from worthless battles that Augur not well for the limitless soul
She Spied me again with her little eye
Never again, She Said , Will i Cry
She Smiled, I Smiled

Stark Reality or mythical being
Guardian Protector of the land
Menacing Keeper, Sword in Hand
Last Warrior From The Few That Remain
Wielding the sword and not in vain
Raw Discipline a wild roar for attention
Stand Still, deathly still with apprehension
Once Invincible and Standing tall
Your Final Roll Call
Your Move At the dreaded knell
Signifying hell!!

Hearty and Hale Fit As A Fiddle
Our Very Own RIP
Thought Within Himself An Ego - Trip
From The Bygone Days Also Took A Sip
And did fall in a deep sleep
Long was the slumber
Like a lick from cruel mamba
Arise, Arise to a new world
Another Generation Of Social Media Fold
Of Wifi Hand Phones and Hangout Shopping Mall
And Scantilly Dressed Lassies and Wearisome Dancehall
Misfit Like an uninvited guest
I Believe i will sip again and take another rest
Thus RIP
Like Before
We back to sleep
This time, for keeps
None Return Trip